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Justo Lamas has become a voice over the last few years through his songs and his message to the youth of the United States and throughout the World. Thousands of youth are motivated and inspired through his concerts. He has visited over 1000 schools and over three million have seen him live. ?He is considered by many as one of the most influential Latinos among North American youth, where he leaves a motivating message of constant uplifting in every concert, helping them to find their dreams. It is fascinating to see how he leads the crowds causing them to transition through different feelings which go from laughter to tears.

Each time there are more teachers and school administrators who decide to invite Justo for concerts with the objective of imparting a message through his songs and his words to the young people, who are the future of our nation.

His website is visited daily by thousands of people. It is a complete site which not only has resources for teachers to teach his songs in the classroom, it also has motivating sections such as, If I could, you can. These same talks cover themes such as drug addiction, alcoholism, bulimia and anorexia.? There is also a vocational self-test where young people who are insecure about their performance will be able on the following day, through this test, obtain an idea of what they would like to do.? There is also a series of several videos called Winners in Action, whereJusto gives an uplifting message to the youth, through his videos and audio podcasting in Spanish and in English.

Due to his workload in the United States, his popularity has surpassed the barriers of said country, and today there are even more countries who have decided to invite him to carry out his presentations: M?xico, Puerto Rico, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chile y Argentina, and many more.

The means of communication are the irrefutable proof which can be read at the Press Releases and the testimonials of the people who actually attend the concerts, Testimonials

A Dream Became Reality

“An artist lives from the love of the people. When I go to the stage and receive such love from the public, I feel like the happiest person in the world and at that moment I think to myself: This is what I always dreamed of”.

My Chilhood, My Family

“I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to a middle class family. My father is a news reporter and my mother, Alicia, was an elementary teacher. ?Actually, my childhood was very difficult. I had, and we had as a family, to go through many desperate situations. At the age of three years old, my mother was diagnosed as a schizophrenic. Two years later, something happened that made a mark on my life forever: I was at home and walked into my mother?s room and I saw her with a belt around her neck, trying to commit suicide. ?At that moment I remember being paralyzed not knowing what to do. Seconds later, I ran to her, jumping very high until I got the belt and started to pull it down until I saved her life.? She fell to the floor; I fell on top of her and she started to breathe. I remember her looking into my eyes and she said: ?Justo, I can?t go on, I do not have the strength?, and I just kept looking into her eyes with a disconcerted look – because at my young age I didn?t understand very well what was happening and the only thing I wanted was to have my mother with me taking care of me, loving me and protecting me.

Due to my mother?s sickness, my dad separated himself from her on two occasions. I want to clarify that my dad gave us a lot of love, lot of care and protection; he never stopped seeing us nor did he divorce my mother, he was always by our side. Actually a feeling of great instability was felt since we moved and changed houses 12 times and I changed schools on six occasions.

At school I had a lot of learning problems, very distracted, very shy and my self-esteem was on the floor.? What caused me to act this way was my stuttering.? Yes, although you can?t believe it, I stuttered, I could not pronounce one sentence without stuttering. This embarrassed me a lot and caused me to act the way I did.? I also had a lot of respiratory problems because I was asthmatic, so I could not freely practice any kind of sports with my friends.

“When I was 16 years old, my mother died of cancer”.

What Started My Desire To Sing

“One week after the death of my mother I was in my room and I remember that there was a big mirror on the wall. ?I stood in front of that mirror and said to myself: ?I know I am not going to live a life of suffering; I know that something exists for my life?. At that moment I closed my eyes, and started to sing a song that I loved, and I felt great joy, so I sang it louder, and I started to feel secure. At that moment I realized that I had found my dream and I thought ?if this makes me happy, if when I sing I feel secure, then I am going to be a singer?. Having found my dream caused me to overcome all of my difficulties and look way beyond my problems, because my desires had to arrive at the right door”.

My Decision

“The fact that I had found my dream changed my life. When you find your dream, you are in a place where you are supposed to be, that is why you feel security, happiness; it is like when a baby is in the arms of his mother, feeling a sensation of indescribable comfort.? That is how you feel when you discover your purpose in the life with your dream.

I remember that I dedicated my life completely to singing and I began to prepare myself. I took classes three times a week, I also took dance classes, music and theater ? in my country the public schools do not offer these services, so my dad was the one who paid for these classes; because, as I said before, I had to overcome my problem of standing in front of people; I was very embarrassed. I understood very well where I wanted to go and that is why I worked so hard every day to reach my dream.

I remember that after I started to send my demos to all of the companies and record producers, I had the opportunity of meeting Hugo L?pez, who was, at that time, the representative for Luis Miguel and was president of Televisa for all of Latin America. We had a meeting and he told me he wanted to take me to Mexico and produce a record for all of Latin America and that it was going to be a one and only production. He trusted that we would make a mark both before and afterwards in music with this production. Unfortunately, one week before signing the contract, Mr. L?pez died suddenly. This hard blow did not discourage me and I continued knocking doors, until one year after sending out my demos and pictures, I received a call offering to make a record through the label, BMG Ariola. So, at that moment, I took my first step as a professional singer. I recorded an album entitled ?Siempre por Siempre? and I toured my country singing one of the songs which was a huge success, called ?Magdalena?.

Concerts in Schools

“I love being in front of the students, and having the opportunity to motivate them to study a second language until they become bilingual citizens, and to transmit to them the desire of getting to know other countries and cultures, learning to love and respect the different cultures.

A few years ago I found myself touring the schools in the United States, singing in my language for the students studying Spanish and for their teachers. My tours consist of 60-65 concerts per school year. In each one of my presentations, approximately 1000-2000 students attend, and around 10-15 schools attend each concert.? In other words, 600-900 schools see me each year.

The passion I feel for the youth is indescribable; it is my desire to motivate them and also to help them find their dreams, to overcome their problems and to know that they all have a solution, that nothing is impossible and the bad moments are just that, moments, and that one can find happiness if they put their mind to it”.

Message to the Students

“Always in each concert, I give a message about different themes, but they all refer to the same point. One can reach what they put their mind to, all problems have a solution, and the bad moments are just moments. In the concerts I talk about what happened in my life, so that they can see how I came out ahead and they can do the same”.

Lazos Culturales-Cultural Ties- PEN-PAL

Developing Programs and Commercial Unions

This is a project of Justo Lamas and the objective is to join schools in the United States with the ones in Argentina, participating in a cultural exchange program. Hundreds of schools are at present experimenting, this said exchange. Next we will have other countries to add to this program.

We are what we want to be

This is a one-hour program that Justo Lamas has made happen in the schools in Argentina for students of 14 years and older, whose objective is to encourage the students to understand that one can achieve what they strive for, always and when they have the desire to do it. The project was called Municipal interest for the town of Florencio Varela, a place in Buenos Aires.

Glencoe/MCGraw-Hill and Justo Lamas

The songs of Justo Lamas strengthen and reinforce the concept of respecting others, and through the same it looks for American students to fall in love with the language and the Spanish culture.

The editorial Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, one of the most important of the United States, uses these songs for the opening of each section of their study books titled “Como te va?” You can visit their website of the editorial atwww.spanish.glencoe.com

Jesus Christ Super Star

Justo Lamas, after an audition of over two thousand people, was chosen for the role of Jesus Christ in a worldwide well known musical called “Jesus Christ Superstar”. This spectacular was directed by Pepe Cibrian y Angel Mahler.

Productions of Justo Lamas

Justo Lamas achieved, at that moment, 10 record productions destined to his incentive program for the teaching of the Spanish language.

Justo Lamas/Canzion Group

Justo Lamas joined the CanZion Group, one of the Worship Music companies ? or ? gospel music ? better known and respected in the Hispanic World. He recorded two songs: “Creo en ti (I believe in you)” y “Tocar? el cielo (I will touch heaven)”. Justo Lamas does not sing these songs in public schools due to a law that exists in the United States where religious enthusiasm is prohibited. Justo Lamas presents this production in Christian schools and concerts throughout the World.

Justo Lamas/Teachers Discovery

Justo Lamas and one of the largest retail companies for school products in the United States has joined together for the making of a series of videos of Justo for the marketing to teachers and students studying Spanish.

Justo Lamas, Illustrious Citizen of the City of Lincoln

In October 2007, Justo Lamas visited the city of Lincoln, Buenos Aires, where he was distinguished as an Illustrious Citizen for his cultural work in the North American schools, converting him into a true ambassador of his country in the United States.

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