Edgar René


Justo Lamas Group presents Edgar Rene and his first School tour “Viviras 2018-2019”. Edgar will bring with him from Puerto Rico his music, rhythm and passion for motivating your students, offering the message of life to youth. He will motivate them to live with enthusiasm offering the message of LIFE to youth, motivating them to live with enthusiasm, with hope, and with the knowledge that their lives are a divine gift that should be cared for and respected. It will be an unforgettable show, where we will motivate the students to continue with their Spanish studies. Your students will feel part of the show, dance on stage, sing a song with Edgar and participate in many more surprises. We would love to appear in your school with this concert, so we encourage you to set a date! JLG will accompany you throughout the entire process so that your students can be the protagonists of our new tour “Viviras 2018-2019”. Have no doubt about it: We’re going to LIVE!


Celebra la Vida

Soy feliz

Mira hacia tu alrededor

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