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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Justo Lamas?
Justo Lamas Group has been working within the United States educational field since 1998. With its headquarters in Dallas, TX, it has brought its program to more than 1000 schools, Middle Schools, High Schools, Universities and even Elementary Schools with its primary mission to foment, through music, the teaching of the Spanish language and positive values. Justo Lamas started sharing this educational program in 1998. Due to his personal experiences with so many educators, Justo understands and appreciates all that you do to teach your students his language and culture. After 15 year of successful concerts, Justo Lamas Group brought Ennio, a new artist with new songs and same commitment to motivate your Spanish students.

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Get to know Ennio Emmanuel
The name “Ennio” comes from the Italian language meaning “predestined, and favorite”. Ennio Emmanuel is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actor.
Ennio has been performing since the early age of 7, where he would put on shows for his family and friends. Growing up, Ennio was surrounded by the sounds of Latin music artists such as: Santana, and the Gypsy Kings, as well as his mothers singing. This is where Ennios dream of singing professionally began. As one of the new voices for United Cultures Inc., Ennio Emmanuel is determined to bring a fresh sound with a positive message to the youth of America while sharing the love for his culture, his language and the young generation.

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What makes the concert educational?

The Justo Lamas Group Concerts are much more than a concert. It is an inspiring educational activity. We want to expose American students of Spanish to the music and enthusiasm of Ennio Emmanuel. While the students are having fun, they will also:

    • Learn about the culture of Argentina (and Latin America in general).
    • Become aware of modern Spanish-speaking young people


  • Get excited about continuing their study of the Spanish language
  • Acquire many useful vocabulary words and languages structures.
  • Realize that English is also a foreign languages that is difficult to learn to speak.
  • Observe their American culture through the eyes of a foreigner.
  • Lose some stereotyped ideas about Spanish-speaking people.
  • Hear Ennio’s plea to live a drug-free, violence-free, family-centered life style.
  • Be encouraged to love all people regardless of their differences.
  • Learn not to give up in the face of the adversity (a very strong message for this attitude is delivered in the rock song, No hay camino sin salida -There is No Road without an Exit).

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What kind of concert is this?

The Justo Lamas Group Concert is an educational program with the primary objective of promoting the study of the Spanish language. With Ennio’s music and songs students are motivated to learn the language. During the entire 90 minutes show, Ennio puts out all of his energy and talent earning the attention, respect and admiration of the students. They sing their hearts out during the songs they have learned in class. Ennio also uses this opportunity to deliver an affirmative life message that encourages students to live free of drugs an other addictions. He promotes unity and communication between students and their families. He encourages the audience not to give up when facing problems and to continue struggling to achieve their goals.

The Justo Lamas Group Concert is a unique program in which there is a lot of interaction between Ennio and the students. Besides being great entertainment in which the students will enjoy the incredible talent and dynamic personality of Ennio Emmanuel, the concert is also a true extension of the classroom.
Two months before the show, we send promotion materials to local area schools.
Teachers that want to attend can make reservations thru our website and request a free DVD and a CD to prepare their students with the concert songs.

Teachers who have already participated in a Justo concert with their students have observed how it has created in their students interest and enthusiasm for the Spanish language.

The program lasts two hours. An hour and a half is for the concert itself and the rest of the time is for the students to meet Ennio personally.
They can talk to him, get his CDs, posters, photos, etc. which he will be happy to autograph.
The concert is made up of different styles of music: the kind listened to by modern young people of Latin America and also folk and traditional music.
Between each song, Ennio talks to the young people in very simple Spanish, making them participate all throughout the event.
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Student Participation Opportunities

Our objective for encouraging student participation is to make the students feel that the concert is “theirs,” not just something that is being presented to them as spectators. If they actually take part, their enthusiasm will build, and for the time that the concert lasts, they will have become totally involved in this Hispanic culture. Our hope is that by doing so, they will leave the concert with respect and even affection for this culture that we as Spanish teachers love so much.

The goal of this part of the show is to make the students feel like real participants and to give them the opportunity to show off their artistic abilities on stage. There are different opportunities for student participation:

  • Preparation in the classroom leads to spontaneous student participation. They will enthusiastically sing the songs they have learned in class. For Spanish teachers, there is nothing like hearing hundreds of students singing with Justo. All participating teachers should receive the preparation CD and lessons.
  • There can be signs, t-shirts, decorations and other fun things.
    On the video you will see several of the clever things that other school have done to add to the festivity of their concerts. Be creative, let your students be creative. Each concert has it own personality, its own flavor.

Small Group Participation

  • A group may choreograph a dance to a song and dance with Ennio a during the concert. It is not necessary to spend any extra money on costumes for this dance. For example, just some jeans and similar shirts will do. They may practice with your preparation CD.
  • If there is an outstanding singer who would like to perform with Ennio we are offering the opportunity to prepare a bi-lingual duet. Please ask what song he or she needs to prepare.
  • Five zany guys can do a short pre-show skit. It is something that can be organized 5 minutes before show time.

Consult with Justo Lamas Group concerning the choice of song!!

All of these suggestions are voluntary
Please do NOT feel that you have to provide this type of small group participation. We only do it for student to enjoy performing with Ennio. The host teacher is to decide who does which activity.

How do I organize a Justo Lamas concerts for my students?
If you are interested in having a Justo Lamas Group Concert in your school or in attending one, don’t hesitate to contact us. The only thing you need is an auditorium in your school district. People from Justo Lamas Group will help you and will be with you every step of the way toward hosting this program, which we guarantee your student will never forget!

Don’t forget that your students can actively participate in the show by choreographing a dance or singing a duet with Ennio.
Only the first teacher who gets in touch with us expressing his or her interest in participating will have this opportunity.

How much does a ticket cost?
 The ticket price will be set by United Cultures, Inc. according to the auditorium capacity and the socioeconomic possibilities. Email us.
Firts steps check list

• Administrative approval
Discuss the concert with your principal. Use this brochure to help explain your reasons for wanting to host the concert. Explain that you will invite other schools to help with the expenses. We work with you to promote the show. For example, we will send out post cards to all the teachers in the area and even telephone the schools to encourage participation. Then as teachers show interest, we will provide free videos and free activities with the basic songs that the students should know before the show. You may request as many as you need.

• Facility
Find out the capacity of your theater. If your school does not have a theater, another idea is to locate a theatre in the area with capacity of 400-2000.

• Dates
Check the school calendar for availability of the facility. Also remember to check for such conflicts as major sports events, fine arts productions, and standardized testing that will make certain dates impossible. Try to find 3-5 possible dates any time throughout the school year.

• Time
You need to allow approximately 2 hours for the show. It actually runs 90 minutes, but we like to allow time for students to meet Justo after the show and get autographs, photos, etc. We understand all about bus schedules, lunch schedules, so you set the time that is best for you. We prefer during the school day, but evening shows are also possible. We will need access to the facility and technicians at least three hours before the show for the sound check, etc.

• Contact us
Let us know of your continued interest. You may phone, fax, e-mail or mail us your telephone numbers, both school and home and/or your e-mail. A representative will contact you within just a few days to create your individualized plan. Or you may initiate the contact. Please have this information ready:

• Capacity of the theater

• Possible dates

• Time

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