Canciones de Mi Camino Album

I decided to put songs on a disc that I was recording during my career and that for some reason I never included in any of my records.

In this production will find wonderful and worldwide recognized songs as of Gethsemane “Jesus Christ Super Star”, Man of La Mancha “Sueño Imposible” (Impossible Dream) and “El himno de la Alegría” (A song of Joy)

You will also find three songs I recorded in English in California for a project and three tangos recorded in Buenos Aires with unconventional musical arrangements to enjoy.

I also want to mention a beautiful song called “Cinderella”, which involved a chorus of Argentine children that will thrill your heart.

We are proud to announce this production and I am sure that you will fall in love with each of these songs.

Available for download as entire album or individual songs at: iTunes, Rhapsody, Napster, eMusic, GroupieTunes, Amazon MP3



Productor ejecutivo: Justo Lamas Group/United Cultures, Inc.
Arreglos: Federico Vilas
Mezcla: Federico Vilas
Diseño: Arte-luz



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