Justo Lamas

Justo Lamas is a very gifted singer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Justo realizes the tremendous influence of Spanish teachers, seeing them as the bridge between our two cultures. Spanish teachers are the ideal people to introduce Justo to the American market, especially among English-speaking young people.

Due to his personal experiences with so many educators, Justo understands and appreciates all that you do to teach your students his language and culture. For this reason, Justo has performed at numerous conferences, including AATSP, Northeast Conference, Southern Conference SCOLT, Southwest COLT, Central States Conference, Texas FLA, Arizona FLA, Michigan FLA, Iowa FLA, Ohio FLA, ACTFL and NYSAFLT which has honored Justo Lamas with the 2008 NYSAFLT National Culture through the Arts Award. This award is given annually to a person who has spread the message of language and culture through the arts.

At every teacher conference, Justo is received with tremendous warmth and enthusiasm. Teachers who have experienced the Justo phenomenon report that after his concert, the students show more enthusiasm and interest in learning Spanish.

In addition to being an extremely talented singer, Justo is also a composer. His different CD’s contain his own compositions and also many traditional songs that he recorded specifically for Spanish teachers. He updated these timeless classics in his own inimitable style: Cielito Lindo, Eres tú, La Bamba, Guantanamera, Quizás, De colores and Cucurrucucu. Students love his two very popular hit songs, Siempre por siempre and Magdalena. Justo sings in a wide variety of styles from rock to ballads to folk music to even opera!

The publishing company Glencoe/McGraw-Hill has featured Justo and his music in their new textbook: ¿Cómo te va? During the 2002-2003 school year he recorded a CD and a concert video with them that they will be sharing with teachers across the country. Our free DVD contains scenes from their concert video.

On November 20, 2003, Justo was featured in a segment on the Telemundo international level news broadcast: AL ROJO VIVO. They described him as “competition for Ricky Martin and Luis Miguel” and they praised his efforts to encourage “jóvenes anglosajones” to learn Spanish!! To find out about the Justomanía that is sweeping the country, go to: www.justolamas.com

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