A fun and exciting way to learn Spanish. This music is not only motivating but also becomes strategic teaching tools that develop the four major skills needed to acquire fluency; reading, writing, comprehension and speaking.

How to use the karaoke player

Select a song from the drop down menu
Use the controls on the left to play/pause the song
Click on the progress bar to jump to other part of the song
Click “Full Screen” to open the full screen version
Some songs have different versions to make it easier to learn:
Vocal: the song with the words sang by Justo
Instrumental: the song without the words
Choral: the song with the words only in the chorus

Songs list:

Como una flor – by Edgar
Valientes – by Edgar
Vida – by Edgar
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom – by Edgar
Oye – by Edgar
Yo creo – by Edgar
Celebra la vida – by Edgar
Baila baila – by Edgar
Mira hacia tu alrededor – by Edgar
Vivir mi vida – by Edgar
Luz en el alma – by Edgar
Eres tu – by Edgar
Soy feliz – by Edgar

Brillaras – by Emir
Brillare – by Emir
Suenos – by Emir
Todo lo Puedo – by Emir
Empezar de Nuevo – by Emir

Cuando Me Miras Asi – Vocal
Cuando Me Miras Asi – Instrumental
El Tiburon – Vocal
El Tiburon – Instrumental
Nada Mas Tenemos Hoy – Vocal
Nada Mas Tenemos Hoy – Instrumental

Enamorados – Ennio
Baila baila – Ennio
No miro atras – Ennio
Confiar en mi – Ennio
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom – Ennio

Baila Conmigo(New) – Vocal
Baila Conmigo – Instrumental
Baila Conmigo – Choral
Amor real(New) – Vocal
Amor real – Instrumental

Te Necesito – Ennio
Eres Tu – Ennio
Manda un angel – Ennio

Siempre por siempre(New) – Vocal
Siempre por siempre – Instrumental
Te toca a ti, me toca a mi(New) – Vocal
Te toca a ti, me toca a mi – Choral
De colores – Vocal
De colores – Instrumental
De colores – Choral
Eres tu – Vocal
Eres tu – Instrumental
Eres tu – Choral
El gran campeon – Vocal
El gran campeon – Choral
Guantanamera – Vocal
Guantanamera – Choral
La Bamba – Vocal
La Bamba – Choral
Cielito lindo – Vocal
Cielito lindo – Choral
Amor(New) – Vocal
Amor – Choral
Techno Cumbia – Vocal
Techno Cumbia – Instrumental
Tu Amor – Vocal
Tu Amor – Instrumental
No dejare de amarte – Vocal
No dejare de amarte – Instrumental
Cuando sali de Cuba – Vocal
Cuando sali de Cuba – Instrumental
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom – Vocal
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom – Instrumental
Loco por Ti – Vocal
Loco por Ti – Instrumental
Baila Esta Cumbia – Vocal
Baila Esta Cumbia – Instrumental
Nada es imposible – Ennio
Rie y Llora – Vocal
Rie y Llora – Instrumental
Yo me levanto – Vocal
Yo me levanto – Instrumental
Magdalena – Ennio
Cielito Lindo, De Colores, La Bamba
No Hay Camino Sin Salida – Vocal

Required: If your computer does not have the latest version of Flash Player, download it by clicking here.

Important: In order for the music to be synchronized with the words is important to allow loading time the first time you play a song. For better results a high speed internet connection is required.

Where to use it

Here are some suggestions about where you can use this Karaoke

In the classroom with a projector
In the computer lab
In the auditorium

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