Reservation Form

Please read carefully and complete the form below

We need ALL of the information. The home phone is necessary in case of emergency cancellation. The cell phone is necessary in case you are late to the concert and we need to know your estimated time of arrival. (If you do not have a cell phone, please try to get the number of another adult who will be on the bus and indicate the name of the person. If you do NOT give us a cell phone number, we will start the show on time.)

SCHOLARSHIPS: While we cannot let everyone come free, we realize that sometimes there are kids who really deserve to come to the concert but they just can’t pay. We will start with half price, then go to free if absolutely necessary. We don’t want a deserving child left out, but do your best to limit these. You must check with us to get authorization for scholarships. We are not talking about kids who just want to come to get out of class!

You may place your tentative reservation now. We understand that this might be subject to school approval. You may cancel up to two weeks prior to the show date

We will send you a link, with your reservation confirmation, to download all the concert songs and prepare your students. If you prefer a CD, please indicate the total number of Spanish teachers in the building who will be participating in the concert and need a copy

One free adult for every 15 paid students. Bus drivers may attend free if there is room. (Give the total of adults including the drivers).
NOTE: the handicapped person should have one or two friends with him or her in case we cannot arrange seating near the group.

Contact Information

We prefer your personal email address rather than your school address such as hotmail, gmail, etc.


Cameras are welcome.

Students may take all the photos they want during the performance.

Edgar will pose for photos with the students after the show if time permits. Sometimes due to scheduling problems, he has to rush to catch an airplane.

Merchandise such as T-shirts, CDs, Posters and Photos will be available after the show if the local authorities allow sales. Sometimes we have no control over the situation.

Please read our Terms & Conditions before proceeding.