Teacher’s Testimonials

we had so much fun at the Ennio concert at Averill Park HS.
Dana Chilson-Hyde Park, NY

Thank you – we had so much fun at the Ennio concert at Averill Park HS. We had a blast!

Again, thank you for providing our students with this wonderful program 🙂


🙂 Gracias!
Nancy Salicrup-Hewitt TX

It was a good experience for my kids 🙂 Gracias!


Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was a wonderful success! I
Milstead, Julie-Hewitt Texas

Thank you, thank you, thank you! It was a wonderful success! I will talk to our principal later this week to get permission about hosting the concert again next year. Hopefully now that we have done this we can get a sold out audience. : )


Ennio did a fabulous job engaging the kids and keeping them involved in the concert.
Cristin Bleess-Colorado

Thank you for a great experience for my students! They loved the concert and want him to come back next year! 🙂 Ennio did a fabulous job engaging the kids and keeping them involved in the concert. It was a fabulous event. Please, let Ennio know that we appreciate his enthusiasm for what he does!!!!
Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future!


It was a wonderful concert. Very professional group.
Lizette Hill- Needham, MA

It was a wonderful concert. Very professional group. Educational and entertaining. Thank you for providing this experience to our students.


This is a wonderful program that I look forward to every single year
Marcie Kostrunek- Kearney, NE

My students, yet again, thought the concert was amazing!! This is a wonderful program that I look forward to every single year. We would love to host a concert in Cozad again if possible.


My group and I really enjoyed the concert.
Rose Weaver-Coldwater MI

My group and I really enjoyed the concert. This was my first year bringing a group so I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t have time to use the materials that you sent, but I plan on doing things a lot differently next year. Looking forward to seeing you on April 29, 2014!!! in Coldwater.


My students had such a good time and I was so very proud of them.
Author: Kimberly Nelson
City: – Hedgesville, West Virginia

We just got back from the Hedgesville, West Virginia concert on April the 11th. My students had such a good time and I was so very proud of them. One of my first year students, who is in the 8th grade, nearly won the tongue twister contest! He lost out to a kid in AP Spanish from the host school.
Ennio is so personable, talented, sweet, and really knows how to work a crowd. You guys have a truly wonderful program going around the country! I know that a lot of my 8th grade students will be downloading a number of Ennio’s songs off of iTunes and continue practicing. They kept thanking and thanking me for taking them to the show.
Thank you all very much, especially Justo and Ennio.


The concert was absolutely amazing!!
Tyler – Dallastown, Pennsylvania

The concert was absolutely amazing!! He had so much energy. Even when the students had no idea what to do, he was patient with them and kept trying. When i was chosen to sing up on stage and did the chorus of baila conmigo, he complimented me afterward (as he did everyone else) and it felt really good. He’s very friendly and funny. Keep practicing Justo! remember HARD.


No improvement is necessary! It was awesome!!!!
Terri Karlie – Meyersdale, Pennsylvania

No improvement is necessary! It was awesome!!!! Justo was so nice to the students and treated them so well. They just love and respect him tremendously!


The concert was something that they will never forget
Jaclyn Blash – Murrysville, Pennsylvania

Attending the Justo concert was truly one of the highlights of my teaching career. It was so rewarding to see my Spanish students so incredibly excited about Spanish. I do believe that the concert was something that they will never forget, and that it was a life-changing experience for many. Justo is such an inspiration. It is so obvious that he absolutely loves what he does, and that he really cares about our students. Keep up the great work, Justo!


Stacy Rulla-Parroquin – Bellevue, Nebraska

Absolutely love the multimedia (the screen with the words and graphics to go with the songs) and the video of Justo’s message. Awesome!!!


The concert proved to be a wonderful experience
Susan Phillips – Dayton, Ohio

The concert proved to be a wonderful experience for our students at Greenon High School. They still look at the photos and sing the songs.


There is nothing else that even comes close to the Justo concert experience
Sue Carlson – Wayne, Michigan

Thanks SO MUCH for having the lyrics projected on the screen! This really helped my students to sing along. We learned some of the songs, but they didn’t have the lyrics memorized, so they got a lot more out of the Spanish by having the lyrics. The concert was very well done in terms of the technical part and the length (perfect) and the energy. It was a real privilege to attend for my second year in a row. There is nothing else that even comes close to the Justo concert experience. As far as the preparation�


Can’t wait till next year!
Jackie Perlman – Wayne, Michigan

I love you Justo! Can’t wait till next year! Hasta luego, Jackie


Sharon Powell – Battle Creek, Michigan

Hola Justo y Eva…felicitaciones de otra estacion de viajar exitoso en los estados unidos!:( Fue (como siempre) un dia tan positivo para mis estudiantes y puedo sentir todavia hoy, un dia mas tarde, su felicidad de la experiencia. Una vez mas, has hecho una diferencia en sus actitudes con tu mensaje. Los estudiantes que han asistido conciertos antes dijeron que les gusta mucho tener todas las palabras de las canciones en la pantalla. Me gusto mucho la introduccion con referencias a personas en historia que han dejado sus huellas para otros y que han hecho una diferencia en el mundo en que vivimos por sus suenos y acciones. Crei que este video fue muy bien hecho. Otra vez, tantas gracias por compartiendo tus talentos, tu mensaje, y tu carino sincero con los estudiantes…un abrazo, Sharon


The students were very inspired by his message!
Sandy Politowicz – Warren, Michigan

We love going to the concert! The students were very inspired by his message!


Thanks for making youth a priority in your life!
Kara Mueller – Warren, Michigan

Justo did a great job today! I love the screen in the background with the pictures and lyrics. I think that helps the students sing along. My students always enjoy the experience and it’s great for them to find out how much they have learned throughout the school year. Thanks for making youth a priority in your life!


Sinceramente, fue un placer!
Bettina Gamero – Warren, Michigan

Sinceramente, fue un placer!


The students truly enjoyed the concert
Deborah Tierney – Chelmsford, Massachusetts

Justo was very high energy and was very interactive. The students truly enjoyed the concert. Most were caught up in Justo’s personal story. Justo’s website, karaoke, teacher materials and concert are an additional component to my lessons. Muchas gracias.


My students have been singing for days! What a great experience!
Elizabeth Loiselle – Chelmsford, Massachusetts

I think having the lyrics on the screen was very helpful! We were unfamiliar with one or two songs. Perhaps we could have a copy of those songs as well next year. My students have been singing for days! What a great experience!


I can’t wait to see him again! FENOMENAL!!!!!!!
Shelley Bethel – Chelmsford, Massachusetts

He has been to our town for the past 4 years and this was his best concert so far. The kids were so excited and danced almost the whole time! I can’t wait to see him again! FENOMENAL!!!!!!!


I wanted to tell Justo that his message inspired me deeply
Miranda Monaghan – Chelmsford, Massachusetts

I am actually a student that just attended the concert. I wanted to tell Justo that his message inspired me deeply. I was invited onstage to dance which was fun. But once Justo told his story about his mother, it hit me hard. I’m in a very similar situation and Justo’s message that our goal in life is to find our dreams gave me inspiration to push through this. I wanted to thank everybody who produced this. Thank you!


Your caring really comes through!
Bonnetta Althouse – Leesport, Pennsylvania

Thank you and your entire organization for the wonderful work you do and message you deliver to our youth. Your caring really comes through! Muchisimas gracias, otra vez.


Justo Lamas was great
Reed – Darien, Connecticut

Justo Lamas was great. He came off the stage and gave people high-fives and hugs. He also thanked the teachers for hosting him and thanked the kids for being a great audience. I can’t wait until next year when my school hopefully hosts Justo again


No suggestions
Nancy Butz – Averill Park, New York

No suggestions- he is really great entertainer and wonderful with the kids!!!


This was my fourth concert and so far I think it was the best
Sue West – Morgantown, West Virginia

I was blown away this year! This was my fourth concert and so far I think it was the best. There was great reaction and interaction with the students. Preparing them ahead of time must be done. I was worried about their behavior but they really got into the music and participated.


The concert was a phenomenal experience for my students
Deborah Harki – Morgantown, West Virginia

The concert was a phenomenal experience for my students. Muchas gracias, Justo. I can’t imagine it being any better.


I think this was a wonderful experience
Author: Rhonda Churchill – Salisbury, Maryland

I think this was a wonderful experience for my level 1 Spanish students. They discussed how they could comprehend a lot of what Justo was saying and they had a great time learning the songs this year!!!


My students said it was worth it!
Author: Candia Bennie – Granville, Ohio

I loved the song Justo sang with the 2 girls! I liked seeing a backdrop, his photos and ongoing video. Student interaction is great. His message is good…not too preachy. The students that get the most out of it are the ones who are prepared. My students said it was worth it! I try to go to a concert every year since we are a small high school. Thanks for your generosity of spirit. Candia Bennie, teacher


These experiences are life long!!
Author: Sra. Duda

I thought the overall performance was really powerful because the students sang along and were physically active on stage with Justo. These experiences are life long!! There is no doubt in my mind that my students will forever remember this experience. Keep it up Justo. Don’t quit. What you are doing is soooo wonderful so the students learn more about the Spanish language and the Spanish culture. Not enough can be said of what went on inside that auditorium yesterday. More than the students realize now, but later on, they will. Thanks so much for your time and sharing.


Justo is a wonderful person
Author: Jolene Kopena – Genoa, Ohio

Justo is a wonderful person with a good message for our young people; he has truly found his destiny in life! Abrazos.


My students had a terrific time at this concert
Author: Sharon Birch – Marion, Illinois

My students had a terrific time at this concert. I can not begin to tell you all of their positive comments, but I can tell you that they were definitely impacted by what Justo said. We spent the entire period in all my classes on Wednesday talking about the concert. I even had students stay after class to share with me thoughts that they didn’t necessarily want other classmates to hear, because they were so personal. They desperately want Justo to come back here and are quite upset that we won’t have an auditorium here at JMB next year. I really have no suggestions for improving the experience. I do wish that Justo had time in his schedule to sit down and talk with my Spanish III students, but I fully understand how busy he is and how draining each concert must be. This concert blew away any expectation that I had! When I saw him in concert at NECTFL last year I enjoyed the concert immensely…but this concert for the students was so much more!!! Thank you so much!


Justo is great with the students!
Author: Katie Oliver – Franklin, Ohio

Justo is very personable and great with the students!


It was so much fun listening to his music
Author: Stephanie – Salisbury, Maryland

I really liked the concert. I went on 3-24-09 in Salisbury and i’m from Parkside High School. It was so much fun listening to his music. I have never heard of him be for till now and all i have to say is he is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!


A Fantastic Concert
Author: Theresa Stearns Gallatin Co. H.S.

An overall great experience! I overheard my jaded senior boy (who wasn’t going to attend until I spoke to his mother) say to a freshman boy, “That was better and a lot more fun than I thought it would be!” High praise coming from him. I taught my students some basic “concert moves” such as throwing their arms in the air and the call and response in “Technocumbia.” This let them know it was OK to loosen up and do it during the concert, to get into the music and rhythm. I also taught them a couple of basic salsa steps that we practiced with some of Justo’s songs. It helped them internalize the music and lyrics. I used the karaoke in the classroom to fill in the blanks on lyric sheets and to sing along. The use of the video with lyrics on stage felt familiar to the students and kept them focused as successful participants. An energetic warm up person from the host school could work the crowd for 5 minutes or so teaching concert moves, call and response competitions between grade levels or gender. Maybe a karaoke or lipsync competition or a Jeopardy contest between sets. Again, a fantastic concert. The students listened intently to your message, internalized it and will reflect on it well into the future. Thank you for coming to our small corner of the world in southern Illinois. I’m glad we had very nice weather for your visit this year. Muchas gracias.


Student participation
Author: Marianne Maginel – Marion, Illinois

I appreciated the extra attention to students this year as compared to last year. Choosing two from each school to dance with Justo on stage was great and there was more practice with the chorus of the songs first before he got into singing each song. That helped their enthusiasm and comfort zone with singing along, even if they were just singing the chorus


Everything was wonderful!
Author: Betsy Fitzgerald – Zionsville, Indiana

Everything was wonderful! My students were extremely excited to go to the concert and their high expectations were exceedingly met! I thoroughly recommend Justo Lamas concerts. He is contemporary and musical. He is genuine and charismatic. My students loved Justo before attending the concert and came away from the experience with an enthusiasm and respect for Justo I couldn’t have predicted. This experience will help me build our Spanish program in our school.


We had a great time – again!
Author: Karen Breault – Zionsville, Indiana

My 7th graders loved it! This is my 5th concert, I think, and we had a great time – again! My principal had me take all 140 of my 7th graders as a field trip! Great fun:)


I think the show is a grand idea
Author: Elizabeth Burke – Lynchburg, Virginia

I think the show is a grand idea, the production company certainly helped us prepare for the show and i would love to be part of this again…


It was entertaing and makes the students think
Author: Jesse Curtis – Ardmore, Oklahoma

Justo tiene mucho valentia. A decir palabras en ingles y pronunciones diferentes eran los mejores partes del mostro a mi. It was entertaing and makes the students think. I would like to see more of that. Like when Justo said “water” or even ways to say things in Spanish to. Quizas mencionaria su propio accento de Argentina con “th” o sin “s”


This event, in Ardmore was SUPER
Author: Nerly Zurlen – Ardmore, Oklahoma

I had the opportunity to see him last year at Ada, Oklahoma. But this event, in Ardmore was SUPER, his multimedia, his presentation, his English, everything was improved a lot. I am sure students understand better our culture. as simple as my students said after the concert ” we love Spanish”


Author: Jeanette Rismiller – Kennesaw, Georgia

It was FANTASTIC. We were impressed, and I know that if Justo returns, our students will be the best advertisement for our student body. They loved him!!!


Justo and Eva are ambassadors of love and kindness
Author: Linda Deweber
City: Hallsville, Texas

Justo and Eva are ambassadors of love and kindness. They always react to problems and needs in a positive manner. They truly love what they do and have hearts that project it. The students’ reactions are so enthusiastic.


My vice principal attended the concert
Author: Cyndi Reed
Hallsville, Texas

My vice principal attended the concert with us so we could see what he thought about bringing Justo to our school. He was on the phone making plans as soon as we got on the bus. I plan to see what steps are next.
Cyndi Reed
Hallsville, Texas


I loved the concert
Author: Eva
Hallsville, Texas

I loved the concert and i got up on stage and danced and sang in the mic all of which was so much fun
Hallsville, Texas


Que maravilla! What a great experience!
Author: Ann-Marie Marsh
Hallsville, Texas


Que maravilla! What a great experience! Ni podemos esperar para el proximo ano! We can’t wait for next year. Not only is Justo a great singer, but he also has great stage presence and great rapport with students and teachers.
Muchisimas gracias.
We WILL be back!
Ann-Marie Marsh Hallsville, Texas

Overall the show was fabulous
Author: Carmen Andrews-Sanchez

The students loved being up on stage and getting to meet Justo individually. It would be nice if there could be a differentiation between lower level students and upper level student concerts. I know that for my level 3 and AP students they were very excited at how much of the Spanish that they understood and even told me that they understood Justo’s message to the teachers. So some of the things were way too ‘easy’ for them but I do understand that this would cut the overall numbers who could attend a specific concert. But just something to think about for the upper-level students.

Carmen Andrews-Sanchez
Las Vegas, Nevada


10th Anniversary at Northridge High School
Author: Justo Lamas Staff



Author: Brenda Krock – Bloomsburg, PA

This was the first time i’ve ever seen Justo in concert. It was AMAZING. i fell in love with his personality and his music.


Concert in Wayne, MI
Author: Deonne Goetz – Wayne, MI

This was absolutely THE BEST field trip I have ever taken a class on!!


Great job Justo! Keep up the good work!
Author: Kara Mueller Spanish teacher Imlay City High School, MI

Great job Justo! Keep up the good work! The teachers and the students really appreciate what you do! Kara Mueller Spanish teacher Imlay City High School Imlay City, Michigan


Your story really inspiered me
Author: Nick Vostoris – Warren, MI

I just got back from you concert at the middle school and it was incredible. Your story really inspiered me and acually helped me out with somthing that is going on in my life now so thank you. Your english is getting very good by the way. i cant wait to go next year i hope you come back. thanks —NICK—


The website is FANTASTIC. The preparation materials were EXCELLENT
Author: Leela Scanlon

Though important, the message in regards to the details of Justo’s mom’s suicide attempt were frightening to the younger students. The preparation materials were EXCELLENT. So helpful, detailed, creative, and relevant to our teaching and curriculum. The website is FANTASTIC. The up to date additions like ringtones and karaoke are WONDERFUL. The concert will be a TREASURED memory for these students as a highlight of their language studies. YOU ROCK!


Thank you, thank you for a great concert.
Author: Karen Breault – Zionsville, IN


My students loved the concert and want to go back next year. The personal testimony by Justo about his life was effective and inspirational. Bringing the kids on stage and doing small contests is a great idea – that keeps the kids interested and involved. Thank you, thank you for a great concert. We appreciated Justo’s kindness and genuine interest in the kids. The music is great fun to learn and practice with before the concert. Thanks, also, for the activities you provided. These were very helpful:)


First experience
Author: Lori Munoz- Zionsville, IN

The students here at St. Maria Goretti loved him and were thrilled when he took pictures with them. This was the first experience they have had with a concert of this type (they only get Spanish once a week) and loved every minute of it. Going over the songs during the schoolyear also helped them greatly. Thank you so much for coming to Indiana.


Best field trip in 29 years!!
Author: Linda Cerra- Bloomsburg, PA

This was great! Best field trip in 29 years!! Very educational. Invite a student from each school on stage as often as possible. Only 2 of mine went up and they were all eager to participate. I was not as eager to go up! Justo was outstanding- very sincere and personable. This trip was worth every penny and the items for sale were most affordable to students. Bravo!!!


My second Justo concert
Author: Caroline Egrie – Langhorne, PA

This was my second Justo concert and i thought it was just as good as the first one. I hope to see another concert before i graduate. it was awesome Keep on Rockin Justo…I also enjoyed his message about following your dreams it was really impactful.


Wonderful experience
Author: Diane E. Motter. York, PA

It was a wonderful experience for my students. As we were leaving the concert they asked if we could return next year. I was very excited that they enjoyed it so much. Muchas gracias Justo!!


I love your music
Author: Maria Comer

I want to send a picture of me and you… I love your music and I listen to it all the time Thanks for making me believe in myself..


The concert is truely an experience my students will never forget
Author: Jennifer Long

Once again, I was impressed with Justo’s performance and interaction with myself and my students.
The students were so excited at the concert and I am sure they will still be excited on Monday.
This was a truely rewarding experience for everyone involved. It had been six years since I had hosted a concert at my school and this time, I don’t plan on waiting so long again.
All of the students at the concert were involved what an awesome sight to see 500 students singing in Spanish at the top of their lungs. I don’t think they ever stopped singing or dancing.
Thank you again to Justo for taking time to talk to the students and interact with them, it is truely an experience they will never forget.


Justo changed my life forever
Author: Travis Mullen

Justo Lamas is an excellent singer who puts on a great show that is both very entertaining and educational.
His energy and excitement and passion for singing is phenomenal. It is absolutely amazing and I love seeing him in concert.
He practices his english and students practice their spanish and he has audience participation and everything is great.
The message about dreams and what he said at the New Bremen concerty really touched me. He can go up there and talk about his difficulities in his life to help other people like me. It is really amazing. I do not think I will ever forget how he said something to the extent of “They are my dreams and I will complete them”
Justo changed my life forever, he made it better.
Justo is the best.


My students think that Justo is “asombroso”
Author: Janette Sosa

And that his concert was very entretenido.
My own impression is that Justo gets better and better.
He should just continue doing the amazing concerts and continue trying to send important messages to the students. I’m sure he will continue doing amazing things.


I think Justo does a great job relating to our students
Author: C. Toth

We just love all that you do. The concert this year was the best I’ve ever been to. We have tried to host concerts here in Carlyle but haven’t been able to draw enough of a crowd.
I sincerely hope that someone in the area is able to host a concert next year so that we can attend again!


My students sang every song
Author: Huntingdon Valley, PA

I thought bringing the teachers on stage was a great gesture.
That has never happened to me in 34 years of teaching! I think it is good to show that kind of appreciation and respect because nowadays it is not often shown.
Much�simas gracias!


I really enjoyed the concert even more than my students
Author: Nettie Meadows

You have great passion that comes out with your gift. Telling about your childhood (that sounded alot like mine), my students and I could relate.
The story of your childhood made you more human to my students. Your interaction with students and teachers after the concert was very much appreciated.
I will always look on the website for more of your concerts in other states that I can go to. My students may not be able to attend but I can.
I am a great fan. This is my second time to attend one of your concerts. If you have any free CD’s my students and I would love more. I bought all three that were available. Thank you again for your love of music, dance and Spanish. Those are my three passions in life as well.


Nettie Meadows,
Maestra de espanol,
Coalgate Public School,
Coalgate, OK. 74538


What he did needs no improvement

I thought that Justo has the right amount of interactions with the students. They were very involoved and I think that it was a wonderful experience for everyone that attended. I look forward to taking my students to another one of his concerts.


This was a great learning experience
Author: Amy McDonald

This was a great learning experience. We didn’t learn of the concert until Jan. and the concert was in Feb. We had to get administrative approval, fill out paper work, collect money, and teach the songs to the students. Add in taking exams, many delays and cancelations, and it was a very busy month! Even with all of the challenges, we were grateful for the opportunity to attend this great Spanish experience! Thank you for coming to our area!!!


Amy McDonald
Defiance High School
1755 Palmer Dr.
Defiance, OH 43512


thank you, thank you, thank you!
Author: Luz, NY

thank you, thank you, thank you, for taking us on this field trip. the exposure to the language is wonderful, but its so much more than that! its the culture. it helps kids to understand that spanish speaking people are not from another planet. the more different people you are exposed to, the more you come to realize that we are all more similar than we are different. justo’s message is so beautiful. he speaks of the need to love and accept all people, and to make connections that bridge the gaps between languages and cultures. seeing justo for the first time last year made me fall in love a little bit with the latin culture, i hope it has done the same for others. i also think it’s very beneficial to listen to his message about following you dreams, and achieving your goals. he gives such a sense of hope when he says that no matter what your circumstances and struggles, “something better exists for you”. hearing his story, and seeing him as he is today, that is an amazing thing. justo can get his message across, because its in a different format than we are used to, its even in a different language! you can tell that everything he says during the performances comes straight from his heart, and that he means every single word. i will tell you that miss amanda really connected with his words. that was great to see.
so, basically, i love justo. and i love spanish and latin culture… and i love that there is someone out there who is so passionate about bringing together people of different cultures. and i love that justo takes the time to share his message to never give up. it can hit home for every single person in the world. in some way or another, what justo says is personal to everyone. yay for justo lamas. he is a cool guy.
con amor,

Luz NY


Concert at Hays High School
Author: Dakota

Hey! I was just at the Hays High concert today where you preformed. You have a wonderful voice, and I am so pleased with you. I got a great experience as a student, just by listening to you. I could only catch a few things in Spanish, but I am only in a Spanish1 class. I just wanted to let you know that it is so great that you have so much love for people! Kids of all kinds were on that stage and you treated them just the same. There needs to be more artists out there like you. With hip hop, rap, and rock, the messages aren\’t exactly the most heart warming. The disrespect of women frightens me. Being one myself, it is comforting to watch someone like you preform. I love music! I listen to it everyday lol. I play piano, and one day just might teach it. Just wanted to say hi, and let you know that you are doing a super job!


Hola Justo y Eva!
Author: Meghan/Victoria Huff

Habla Meghan/Victoria de York, Pennsylvania. Hace tanto tiempo que hemos hablado – quiero decirles que el nuevo disco, �Suenos� me parece increible y tambien que la cancion “Hoy Doy Gracias” me ha tocado el corazon mucho. Despues de viajar a Costa Rica y hacer un viaje de mision en la Republica Dominicana este verano, empece mis clases en la universidad para estudiar la ensenanza del espanol. La universidad es increible, pero la cosa mas importante, sin embargo, es que hace dos semanas fui a Mexico a trabajar en un albergue infantil por una semana con mi iglesia. Esa cancion de dar gracias por todo en cualquier situacion describe exactamente lo que vi que las personas alli hacen cada dia aunque no tengan nada que comer o nada de dinero. En ambos viajes de mision, he sentido que Dios me va a usar como traductora y maestra tanto aqui en los Estados Unidos como en los paises que visite en el futuro. Estoy contenta al saber que podre usar este regalo del espanol y la ensenanza para tocar los corazones de personas en todo el mundo. Solo queria compartir mi experiencia con ustedes y esperarles un buen tour nuevo!

Gracias y nos vemos!
Meghan/Victoria Huff
York, Pennsylvania


Webb City, MO concert
Author: Destiny Miller

I’m from Webb City High School. I had a great time at the concert, on December 5, 2007. When you gave the message in the middle of the concert it really changed my life. I can’t wait to see you in concert next year.
Justo, I enjoyed getting to talk with you one on one. I learned a lot more Spanish then I did before. I also liked eating lunch with you. Thank you for changing my life. You saved me. You can email Mrs. Daughtery, WCHS spanish
teacher, if you feel like emailing back.

Yours Truly,
Destiny Miller
Webb City, MO


concert in Lakeland, Florida
Author: Ashlee

Hey how you doing?
I was just at your concert in florida at the lakeland civics center!
I thought it was really good! you’re an amazing singer.
And that hair-flipping thing you do, is perfecto (:

Write me back.
Lakeland, Florida


Your fans at Lapel High School in Indiana
Author: Heather

See you at the concert tomorrow!!
Hello Justo!!!
I’ll keep this letter short. I was just writing to tell you that I love your music and tomorrow my school will be at your concert. Your music has help my class learn Spanish in a fun way. Everyday my teacher plays your music in class, and I love it!
I’m very excited to be going to your concert tomorrow!!
Your fans at Lapel High School in Indiana.


concert at Mohawk High School
Author: Emily

Hola me llamo Emily

I just wanted to tell you that your concert at Mohawk High School on November 2 was AMAZING!!! I really liked it. Thank you for the picture you got with me and my friend and for signing our t shirts!!!
Sycamore, OH


Little Flower HS Haverford, PA
Author: Kait and Theresa

Hola Justo!

Today Little Flower had so much fun at the concert in haverford. (We wore the pink tshirts that said Baila Conmigo Justo) O my gosh it was soooo much fun so much
we really enjoyed it My friend was the only one who could Te Toca a Ti Me Toca a Mi she won obviously and we also were the only students there who knew all your songs we sang them like there was n tomorrow PLease come back and hopefully we come to see you again next year!!!!!!


Kait and Theresa- Haverford PA
Little Flower Catholic High School for Girls


Today’s concert
Author: nicole riley

I just wanted to say that i went to his concert today and it was amazing. if this is justo reading this i was one of the peopel in pink !! i was pretty much the most excited =] it was a lot of fun and justos story is very inspirational and his message is extremely meaningful. justo has an amazing voice and just a has a special way to get people excited and want to dance and want to dream.

and justo signed my shirt which made me the happiest person alive!

nicole riley
little flower class of ’09

baila conmigo justo


concert in Havertown, PA

Hola Justo. Fui a su concierto en la High School secundaria de Haverford. Usted era grande. Cada uno me dijo que que no fuera el concierto que bueno y yo no los cre� y no fui a verle para descubrirle era entonces un pensamiento mejor de I. Voy a conseguirme a algo de su mensaje bye de Justo de los CDES detr�s

Haverford, Pa


Concert in Jacksonville, FL

I loved your concert in Jacksonville, Florida yesterday, in the High School. you rock.
I love how you take time from your day and have concerts for childern that takeing Spanish classes. I walked outside knowing more Spanish than when I walked inside, because of you now I know to say Spanish words with that Spanish accent I hope that the next year I can come to your concert. You rock and I love your hair you are my hero when you stoped the music and said “I know many you are going through a lot right now” I felt as if you were speaking to me since I have had a rough childhood and still do. You gave me hope to go on and to never give up because of you I will keep going and I will reach after my dreams. when you spoke I noticed that we have much in common and I even began to cry when you spoke of what happened when you were five.
I just wanted to say thanks for the picture that you took with me and the posters you signed for me. I will always love and admire you

Love Jessica


My Testimonial – Marianna High School
Author: Jr

You came November 19, 2007 to my school Marianna High School. I went into the concert thinking this Justo guy is just going to stand on stage and not interact with us at all and I was proved WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Before you started every song you talked to us and taught us some of the song or had fun with us. All of your songs were so very awesome. I have been to many rock concerts but your concert was the BEST one by far. You interacted with us as much as possible. What shocked me most was when you came out to the audience. I was like holy cow this guy is getting into the crowd. I have never had that done at the rock concerts. Your message really touched me because I also have been told that I couldn’t achieve my dream and have had many setbacks. But your message told me that I CAN do it as long as i believe in myself and try the hardest I can. My dream is to be a singer just like you. You are my hero. On a scale of 1-10 i would rate your concert a 100. I have told my friends from other schools about you and they are also impressed. I am so looking forward to your concert next year because even though I am going to graduate I am coming back just to attend your show.

Thank you Justo for coming to Marianna High School


The concert was amazing he really touched my life
Author: Amelia Washington

I don’t know if this is the right thing for this but I am commenting on one of Justo’s concerts. I have recently attended one of his concerts today November 12, 2007 and I thought it was amazing he really touched my life in more than one way. Spanish was always seen as an outlet to my life and to know that someone has gone through hard times as a young adult it just gives me courage and a lot of confidence toward my goals. I love that his newest CD is titled suenos I thought that was brillant and I loved how he shared his life within us in more than one way and it amazes me how he over came so many hardships and now he’s aspiring others and I just want to say Thanks and I’m glad he’s doing what he loves and I aprecciate his music more than he knows. So… Gracias por todos cosas Justo Lamas usted es mi heroe.

Amelia Washington
Springfield High School
Springfield PA


Garrett High School Concert
Author: Eden

oh-em-gee! I was at your concert…Tour Baila Conmigo…On October 31[Day of the Dead] At Garrett High School. You are my hero! I love your music.. It inspires me to go on with my dreams and actually complete them…Yay!!!! hehe :)) And your wife Ava and your daughter are sooo cute…..lol hehe! Your fellow fan, Eden!!! :]]]


Author: Kristin Jayroe

I just wanted to tell you thank you for coming back to Nettleton (Jonesboro) to perform your concert. My students loved it!!!
Thanks again and I hope to see you there again next year!!! Chau,

Kristin Jayroe 🙂
Jonesboro, AR


Author: Marko Aalto

I’m Marko Aalto from Finland. I bought awesome Creo en Ti cd. El amor de Dios is best pop song I have ever heard. It is better than Anastacias Paid my dues which was my favourite song before that. El amor de Dios song is so fresh and perfect pop song. I listen it everyday!!!!

Thanks for doing good music! Plase Justo make another christian cd ,you are really good singer! I like your style and voice.
Whole chrstian music business need you!!!

God bless You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marko Aalto


Author: Michelle

Hola! como estas? I attended your concert today at El Dorado, AR. It was so fantastic! I hope you will come back next year. I’m a senior in High School this year so I dont know if i’ll be able to come next year, but i’ll ask my spanish teacher if i can come as a chaperone. Te amo Justo!!

Michelle (Mercedes)
El Dorado, AR


Hola Eva y Justo:
Author: Michael Pillar

Espero que ya os encontr�is en casa, y que no hubiera problemas en el viaje.

Much�simas gracias por todo. Le encant� a todo el mundo el concierto. El resto del d�a no hablamos de nada m�s. Los estudiantes fueron al internet para buscar la m�sica, y han entrado las canciones ya sus tel�fonos.

Hab�a profesores de otros disciplinas hablandome de lo bueno que fue el concierto. Parece que casi todos los profesores de nuestra escuela entraron para pasar un rato. Los profesores de espa�ol de las otras escuelas tambi�n salieron muy contentos. Acabo de recibir un mensaje por correo elect�nico de una de las profesores indicando precisamente eso, su placer en haber asisitido con sus estudiantes al concierto.

Gracias por haber permitido que Jessica cantara contigo. Fue una experiencia que nunca va a olvidar. Otra vez espero que yo hiciera bien en traducir tu mensaje. Fueron palabras tan importantes que quer�a expresar tus sentimientos perfectamente.

Bien, otra vez muchas gracias. Recib�s un abrazo de,

Michael Pillar
Berea High School
Berea, OH


Hola Justo!
Author: Holly Suchy

I just wanted to tell you that I love you!!!! My spanish class went to your concert in Berea, Ohio and I absolutly loved it! I recored De Colores, Bila Comingo and Amor Real! I listen to them almost everyday since your concert! Mucho Gracias for making spanish music fun! Adios!

Holly Suchy
Jackson-Milton High School
Berea, OH


Author: Liz Price

We loved your concert today. It was amazing! We all hope to see you again in concert and next time we will know all of your songs…thanks again and you did a great job!

Liz Price
Students From Conemaugh Valley High School


Author: Rechella Sturwold

Hi, im Rechella Sturwold and this is my first year of espanol im a sophmore at Memorial High School. When u visited New Bremen High School for the concert i was there and u are so great! I had so many chills when you were singing. you are so good and i wish that mabye next year you could come to my school in St.Marys. Im sure that im not the only one who enjoyes your music nor your concert So may i ask u to come? You wife is beautiful she is suck a good dancer!.hah and ur daughter has the most beautiful eyes in the world. She obviously got them from you!..i got a poster from u and u singed it Thanx alot!..bye the way i was the first person to get my picture taking with you i was on left side and i blew the picture up and framed it!..i downloaded your song as my ringer to i love it!..so u can email me back asap i would greatly apperciate it..Thanx for coming i loved it and i hope u can come to my school so my fellow classmates can enjoy it as much as i did!..Thanx for the time!.

Rechella Sturwold
St.Marys Ohio, 45885


Dear Mr. Justo Lamas:
Author: Lanny Hall

Thank you very much for your presentation in Mims Auditorium in Student assembly on February 20, 2006. Our Students benefited greatly from your being here.

We value chapel and assembly experiences. You have helped us achieve our goal of providing quality educational experiences �beyond the classroom.�


Lanny Hall
Howard Payne University
Office of the President
Bronwood, Texas


Author: Alayna Bergmann

Hola…sorry i don’t speak much spanish…you’ll have to try to figure it out…Justo Gracies muy bien for coming to our school it was fantastico…
loved every minute of it…i caught your water bottle haha… well i’ll let you get back to your life…good luck in all you do…it got you this far keep goin…tons of amor!!

Alayna Bergmann


Author: Justyna Dorris


Justyna Dorris
North Chelmaford, MA


Author: Sarah miller

Justo just came to chelmsford ma on march 31,2006 and i was one of the many students who went to see him…i just wanted to say thank you for coming and i had a blast!!!

Sarah miller, MA


Queridos Eva y Justo
Author: Merrie McIvor

��El concierto fue un �xito total y fenomenal!! A todos los alumnos y maestros les encant� a lo m�ximo. He recibido emailes de mis colegas de apoyo y felicitaciones. Yo s� que el pr�ximo a�o va a ser muy m�s f�cil animar y prepararles a todos. En el principio, yo era la �nica que cre�a en �sto. Y ten�a que hacer “un salto de fe.” Y ahora todos est�n de acuerdo que fue una idea magn�fica. Gracias, gracias, gracias por todo. Ustedes son una familia muy excepcional, con una visi�n/misi�n tan importante, hermosa y sagrada. Durante el concierto cuando Justo habl� con solo los maestros, les afect� mucho. Y ganaron respeto de los alumnos tambi�n por eso.
No podemos esperar su resgreso. 🙂

Merrie McIvor


Author: Allie Urbatis

I would love to have so many hott pictures of you so send me some soon! im your biggest fan,everytime someone calls me i dance to your ringtone because of course you have such an AMAZING voice. you came to my school today and you looked way hott, i could not stop staring at you. congratulations on the new addition to your family!
love your biggest fan,

Allie Urbatis
Granville, OH


Hola, c�mo esta usted?
Author: Brittany Richards

Justo dese� decir usted hiciera un gran trabajo en el concierto en el today!….hopefully de Greenville que veremos que usted otra vez pronto……?…! Esperanzadamente todo usted est� mirando adelante va bien. oh una buena suerte con el beb�, all� siempre lleno de diversi�n una alegr�a. espere a aqu� de ya pronto….. con el AMOR y el CUIDADO…….BRITTANY LEAH ANNE RICHARDS……!

Brittany Richards
Somerset, OH


Justo Lamas
Author: Courtney Bricker

I just went to your concert on April 4th, 2006 that was held at Granville High School and you were great! I didn’t know too many of your songs but my favorite one is Eres Tu. I am so glad that you sang it. I really enjoyed your concert. I have never been to one of your concerts before but I hope that you will come back next year and have another one. I would definatley come with my spanish class and my spanish teacher. I love your singing. Do they have your cd’s in stores? I would love to get one. You were great!!!

Newest Fan,
Courtney Bricker
Granville, Oh


Hola Justo!!!
Author: Kasandra Gibson

Considering I’m in my 3rd year of Spanish, I’m sorry that I can’t translate this into Spanish. (No hablo espanol asi asi) I just went to a concert that you had today in Granville, Ohio. You inspired me so much and I thought it was amazing. I’ve learned so much in Spanish this year because of you (even though I don’t show it that well. hahaha) and I just wanted to thank you. (mucho gracias)

An inspired student,
Kasandra Gibson
Granville, OH


Author: Jessica Myers

You are an beautiful person inside and out. I love your music and you voice is definitely a gift from God. Thank you for taking your picture with me ..Best of luck and God Bless

Jessica Myers
Morgantown, West Virginia


�Adoro Justo a pedacitos!
Author: Anna Grillo

�Adoro Justo a pedacitos! Su m�sica mece mi alma y me trae a l�grimas que �l es tan asombrando. Yo y mi amiga Natasha escuchamos Es Tiempo de Celebrar diario.
Yo no puedo esperar para ir a su pr�ximo concierto.

�Nosotros le adoramos!!
Adore Anna Grillo


Author: Jessica Hergert

Hola! I am from Mechanicville Highschool. I dont know where this letter is being sent, pero yo quiero email porque te echo de menos y te amo! Te amo Justo.. No puedo espera hasta el ano proximo para you to come back. Lo siento pero no hablo espanol bien. Please write back

Con Amor

Jessica Hergert
Mechanicville High school
New York


Concert at the Blooms Burg School
Author: Megan Nix

I was at Justo’s concert March 17th at the blooms burg school in PA and it was such a good concert. and im glad you can perform for us students… I really loved it.. THANX

Megan Nix
(student at shikellamy High School Sunbury,PA)


Author: Ashley

JUSTO ES EL REY!!!!!!!! JUSTO ES MI FAVORITO! ME ENCANTA JUSTO!!!!! YOU TAUGHT ME SO MUCH AT YOUR CONCERT AND I WILL NEVER FORGET YOU AND YOUR AWESOME KICK!! PLEASE WRITE BACK IN SPANISH OR ENGLISH…WHICHEVER YOU PREFER! i am working very hard to improve my spanish because of you! by the way, i attended your concert in Midland Texas…it was the best day of my life. I would be eternally greatful and the happiest girl in the world if you respond! please! i love you justo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

also…i wish i had your hair!

Midland, Texas


Dear Justo,
Author: Brianna

I am probably your biggest fan in the history of the WORLD. I was one of the lucky few that attended your concert in Midland TEXAS. You truly inspired me to pursue my foreign lanuage career. I work to improve my Spanish daily. Sorry I didn’t write this letter in Spanish but I am still working and maybe when I get better, I’ll send you another letter. Thank you for coming to my town and inspiring me. Tu es el REY!!!! YAYUH! please write back!

Your numero uno fan,
Midland, Texas


Hola Justo!!!
Author: Alejandra Morgan

Mis alumnos y yo estamos preparandonos para asistir el 5 de mayo a tu concierto en Forney. Este es el tercer a�o que llevo a mis alumnos pues siempre ha sido una experiencia positiva para ellos, incluso cuando ya no estan tomando espa�ol regresan para poder ir al concierto.

Muchas gracas por todo!!
Alejandra Morgan
Jefferson, TX


Querido Justo
Author: Meghan Huff

Quiero decirte que realmente me diverti el miercoles pasado en York. Fue un placer cantar contigo. Pienso que lo que haces ha hecho una gran diferencia en mi escuela.
Todos, incluyendo yo y las profesoras de la escuela, fueron muy emocionados asistir a tu concierto.
Por mi parte como estudiante, me encanta lo que haces porque puedo aprender mas canciones en espanol, poniendo mis dos cosas favoritas juntas, musica y la lengua espanola. No puedo decir suficiente sobre tu manera y me pareces que siempre estas feliz. Cuando te conoci me senti que te habia conocido por toda mi vida, como un amigo cercano. Me senti menos nerviosa cantar en frente de muchas personas contigo que nunca en mi vida, gracias a ti.
Tambien quiero decir, como profesora futura espanola, que me doy cuenta de que tus conciertos y canciones van a cambiar el mundo de ensenar el espanol.
Solo hablando de mi clase he visto un cambio de mente entre los estudiantes. Mi profesora, la Senora Cherie Garrett, quien organizo el concierto, es en mi opinion una profesora buenisima, si no la mejor. En sus clases como todas clases, algunas personas tienen problemas con conjugar verbos o memorizar nuevas palabras. Tus canciones les den energia y una otra manera aprender la lengua. Ellos se divertieron muchisimo y tambien aprendemos mucho.
Como puedes ver, estoy tan emocionada haber conocido a ti y espero que puedamos reunirnos otra vez. Pienso que mi escuela va a tratar de organizar otro concierto el ano que viene. Muchas gracias por todo lo que has hecho y por la oportunidad cantar contigo.

Tuyo con la fuerza de un…bueno, tu sabes que…
Meghan (Victoria) Huff
York, PA


Author: AJ Hanson

Muchos gracias for coming to New Prauge High School today. I love your music and everything you do.

Your lyrics move me and keep me going throughout the good times and the bad.

Thank you for everything you have done.

AJ Hanson
New Prauge, Minnesota


Hi Justo
Author: Lauren

Hi Justo!
Thanks for coming to New Prague today! You were awesome!!! I loved being in the 2nd row. =)
Please come back soon to New Prague!!!.

New Prague, Minnesota


Justo y Eva

Justo y Eva,
Muchas gracias a Ustedes por el concierto que realizaron. Mis estudiantes nunca lo olvidar�n. Ellos todavia est�n hablando del concierto y el entusiasmo es exactamente lo que me gusta. Queremos tener otro concierto el a�o pr�ximo. �Pienso que mis estudiantes no van a tomar espa�ol si no hay un concierto!

Muchas Gracias!!

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