Bring this Program to Your School

Bring this Program to Your School in 4 easy steps


  • JLG Concerts sends CDs and DVDs along with a flyer promoting the concert to all schools in the area. (The concert may also be for one school only).
  • JLG Concerts charges a very accessible fee for each student. There are no other expenses for the host school.
  • JLG Concerts does all the work, promoting the concert, taking reservations and collecting the schools’ payments.
  • We provide the opportunity for the host school to raise funds with the concert. Upon request.
  • We offer scholarships to those students who can not pay.
  • We present our program during school hours.
  • JLG Concerts provides a CD and a DVD with the songs of the concert, activities, Karaoke Online and other free resources so that teachers may prepare their students.
  • The students of the host school have the opportunity to choreograph a dance with Justo Lamas during the concert.
  • If a student of the host school would like to sing on stage with Justo Lamas, this can be arranged. He or she should learn a song in the weeks previous to the concert. (Consult with JLG Concerts about the song for dancing and singing on stage)
  • Our program lasts two hours: one-and-a-half of concert time and 30 to 45 minutes after the show for autographs, available souvenirs, pictures, etc.
  • The students will receive a motivating message that will touch their lives positively.
  • Multimedia show with the lyrics of the songs.
  • Interaction between our artist and the public: the students actively participate with the concert at every moment.
  • During the show between each song there will be prizes, surprises, linguistic competition, voice competition, Karaoke, tounge-twisters, etc.
  • Concert Game: It is a team activity to be performed in the classroom with a projector, it is a fun game with questions and answers about the concert.
  • Flash Cards: A flash cards set to play the Concert Game without a projector.
  • Task Choice Sheet: Give each student a task choice sheet so they can choose what task they want to do after the concert. This is a great wat to get everyone involve in the concert preparation.
  • Concert Survey: It is a short personal survey where the students must put in practice what they learned during the concert.

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