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Nada es imposible (Nothing is impossible)

Es tu amor que siempre me hace fuerte
Es tu amor que nunca cambiará
y yo sé que anque sea débil
tu amor me sostendrá.

Es tu amor que me lleva al cielo
Es tu amor que me hace olvidar
del pasado, del dolor y del tormento
es tu amor que me llevará.

Nadie me puede parar
si con tus fuerzas yo puedo pelear
y nadie me puede parar
si con tus fuerzas todo puedo
y nada es imposible
Nada Es Imposible x 10

Es tu amor que mueve el universo
es tu amor que me hace soñar
y ser libre y volar y llegar lejos
tu amor me llevará

No soy el mismo de ayer
estoy andando por un camino de fe
no tengo miedo que puede afrentar
porque sé que a mi lado siempre estás

Nadie me puede me pueda parar
si con tus fuerzas yo puedo pelear
y nadie me puede parar
si con tus fuerzas todo puedo
y nada es imposible
Nada Es Imposible x 10

Aunque con mil problemas
yo seguiré confiando
tu amor es mi sustento mi alimento y mi descanso
nada me puede parar si tú conmigo estás

Ya nada es imposible
nada es imposible
nadie me puede me puede parar
si con tus fuerzas yo puedo pelear
y nadie me puede parar
si con tus fuerzas todo puedo
y nada es imposible
Nada Es Imposible x 10

Ennio’s Biography

The name “Ennio” comes form the Italian language meaning “predestined, and favorite”.

Ennio Emmanuel is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, and actor.

Ennio has been performing since the early age of 7, where he would put on shows for his family and friends.  Growing up, Ennio was surrounded by the sounds of Latin music artists such as: Santana, and the Gypsy Kings, as well as his mother?s singing. This is where Ennio?s dream of singing professionally began.

As a young child Ennio toured around the U.S. with performing groups, and competed in nationally recognized contests. He gained nationwide recognition as a young artist winning competitions multiple subsequent years.

Growing up Ennio moved a lot living in New York, Philadelphia, Delaware, and Florida.  In high school (in Philadelphia), Ennio interned at an entertainment management and law firm, where he learned about the music business.  He worked on staff projects with such artists as: The Fugees, Flo-Rida, Rick Ross, Trina as well as many other pop and hip hop entertainers.  Ennio naturally networked and met new producers who he had the chance to record with while living in Philadelphia.

While in college in Pennsylvania and Florida Ennio studied International Relations and Public Relations. His motivation to never quit found him living his dream by moving to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment. It was not long before Ennio began to write for other artists in the genre of pop, rock, Latin, dance and easy listening. During March of 2010 he released his first independent music production titled “Nada es Imposible.” This project is a blend of high-energy sounds, encompassing the genres of Pop, Electronica, and Latin Music.

The project includes the guest participation of accomplished musicians such as: Latin Grammy winning artist Paulina Aguirre, renowned Producer/Engineer Thomas Malkiewicz, and A&R Coordinator Henry Alonzo, among others.

Shortly after releasing his music project Ennio traveled around the U.S. and Latin America to promote his debut musical endeavor. Ennio continued to work with other artists on studio projects while still promoting his debut, “Nada es Imposible.”  This album was nominated for the prestigious Arpa Latin Music Award, in Mexico City.

In the summer of 2010 Ennio Emmanuel was introduced to Justo Lamas and the staff at United Cultures.  Ennio auditioned during their search for an artist to carry on the important task of bringing knowledge and richness of the Spanish language through music to the youth of America.

Justo Lamas and Ennio Emmanuel became good friends and soon found that the up-beat, pop and electronic sounds of Ennio’s music and experience with young people would be a perfect fit for the tours.

As one of the new voices for United Cultures Inc., Ennio Emmanuel is determined to bring a fresh sound with a positive message to the youth of America while sharing the love for his culture, his language and the young generation.

Ennio?s other passion is assisting in international relief and community development endeavors.  With these relief efforts Ennio has traveled to Mexico, Ecuador, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Ukraine, as well as various parts of the US, assisting with humanitarian causes.

Ennio also joined the relief efforts in Haiti, traveling twice during the year to assist in the emergency disaster relief efforts.  Prior to his visit to Haiti, Ennio used his own music to fund raise, as well as petitioning healthcare providers for medical supplies and various other companies for many other necessities for the Haitian people.

Ennio believes that everyone and anyone can do their part in assisting those who are in need.

Ennio Childhood and family

Ennio was born in Brooklyn, New York to a Puerto Rican family. Growing up he learned Spanish because he could not communicate with his family unless he knew the Castilian rooted language. In order for Ennio to communicate with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and others he had to know Spanish at a very young age. It wasn’t until Ennio entered grade school in America that he began to learn English. Ennio never stopped speaking Spanish and later understood how important it was for children to never forget their Hispanic routes. Ennio’s mother is a medical doctor (MD) specializing in Internal Medicines, while his father is a successful business entrepreneur.

Growing up Ennio learned what it was to work and at 8 years old getting his first job was selling Italian water ice to people on the street in the Latino section of town. Ennio frequently visited his family in Puerto Rico, during these visits he fell in love with his motherland. “There is nothing like Puerto Rico…the food…the people…the beaches…the traditions…its something you can’t just ‘make up’…its unique and one of a kind,” said Ennio.

Concerts in schools

Ennio Emmanuel will begin his first tour with United Cultures in 2012 with preliminary shows in 2011. “I get this feeling every time I think about this great opportunity like ‘this is unreal’ and this is a dream come true. I always had planned to go to law school or medical school as a child and then music happened. I never lost sight of my dreams, my passions. I never lost hope and would pray that something like this would happen in my life. I believe life is about following your heart and never giving up no matter what comes your way. It gets really hard at times and the challenges can seem impossible but if you really want your dream to become fulfilled you need to persevere through every challenge,”? Stated Ennio.


Ennio is currently working on a motivational book that will include his thoughts on his travels and on the different issues his generation is facing around the world. With this book he desires to convey his passion for humanitarian causes while still staying true to his creative mind’s desire to instill the need to follow their dreams.

Ennio’s message

“I’m dedicated to this tour and I will never give up on inspiring the youth of my generation.  As a young guy myself, I know the power that has been given to me, to make each and every student to become a dream chaser. I want to help change the directions of student?s lives in every school I visit. I know that doors will open for more opportunities and I cannot wait to share with? and entertain the students and teachers with my music and my life story.”

Ennio’s other hobbies

Soccer, watching great TV shows, reading anything motivational, spending time with his parents, grandparents and siblings, animals, writing music and writing his new book, drawing and painting, going to concerts, acting and working on movies and TV shows, assisting other artists with image development.

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