Monday, March 4, 2024
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Karaoke Desktop

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Karaoke Features

  • No Internet connection required, once you download it

    Two versions of each Justo Lamas Group song

    Lyrics and activities included as PDF files

    Suitable for Spanish I, II, III and IV

    Auto update feature for new songs and improvements

    Totally FREE of charge

    Digitally signed by GlobalSign to assure that the code is legitimate and can be trusted

It is the most exciting way to learn Spanish. Use it in your classroom, with a projector, or at home.

How to use the Spanish Karaoke Desktop

  1. Select a song from the drop down menu
  2. Use the controls on the left to play/pause the song
  3. Click on the progress bar to jump to another part of the song
  4. Click the Lyrics Sheet or Worksheet buttons to get lyrics and activities of the selected song.

Each song has different versions to make it easier to learn:
Vocal: the song with the words sang by Justo
Instrumental: the song without the words

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Ennio in Concert

Ennio in Concert

Ennio Emmanuel is touring schools throughout the US and you don't want to be left behind. The concert last 2 hours in which there is a lot of interaction between Ennio and the students. The concert is made up of different styles of music and filled with Ennio's energy and talent.

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School Concerts

Program Benefits

The Justo Lamas Group Concerts are an educational program with the primary objective of promoting the study of the Spanish language through music. Since 1998 Justo Lamas Group has been connecting thousand of students with the Spanish language and its culture.

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Reserve your tickets

Make a reservation now to take your Spanish students to a live concert. Don't worry if you don't have the final tickets count. You may place a tentative reservation now and adjuste it later. We understand that this might be subject to school approval. Tickets sell out fast!

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